Open Joint Stock Company "PromLynx"

was established in 1996 on a basis of special engineering and design bureau of the production association "Coral" that specializes in development and utilization of ferrite microwave devices.

Our main activities are:

High level of product development by "PromLynx"

the use of modern equipment, advanced technologies and skilled personnel result in high quality design and production of the modern technological equipment in a timely manner, provision of mechanical processing services (including mini-procession centers), as well as repair and maintenance of various equipment.

"PromLynx" success

is closely associated with its highly competitive level of production. The company implements a three-dimensional computer product design, uses microprocessor technology in testing new product models and applies new technologies of fast design. As a result, the quality of development has been improved and the time spent on design and production preparation has been significantly reduced. , 2010